For two weeks in a row, I’ve stolen little Maria to come and play with me. I figure if I’m going to immerse myself in the real world of babies, then there’s no better way than having one right in my midst.

(She’s not a baby though, being two and all. And I suspect she might not be too happy if I used that label in front of her. So, let’s just keep it a secret, shall we?)

Maria came over to bake. I started Struan earlier in the day so she could take a loaf home, and, together, we made rosemary rolls. She was an expert rosemary de-leafer.

And quite a good kneader.

And coming from a family of musicians, it was natural that she strayed toward the piano and sang, played, and conducted an entire symphony for me after we finished our baking chores.

That was week one.

Week two meant all sorts of book reading, brushing hair, running errands (for more diapers!), eating goldfish, playing the xylophone and the recorder and the harmonica and the handbells, and picking up pine needles. Too busy for photos, can you tell?!!!

Now is the time for little people. If you have any in your life, I’d strongly encourage you to grab hold of one and just inhale all that goodness. They’re busy, it’s true, and they can be stubborn, and super silly, but their hearts–their hearts! Still so tender and loving, and, for me, being called godmama every two minutes just makes these days all the sweeter.

Love you, Maria…


Children’s Books for Budding Bakers

Been bakin’

Been readin’, too

This book put a smile on my face last week when the wind was making all of us wacky and grumpy and altogether very weird. I found it in the new book stack at the library, where I take my four year old each Tuesday. Easy as Pie by Cary Best, illustrated by Melissa Sweet, is a newish release about a little baker in the making. His name is Jacob and he makes a peach pie while you’re reading the story. Really! He even makes the pie crust from scratch. And he’s a happy little tot. His enthusiasm is contagious, and, wow, this book would make a great pairing as a birthday gift wrapped alongside an Easy Bake Oven!

And Easy as Pie reminds me of another favorite, favorite that has to do with baking. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman is one of my all time super picks! I’ve purchased many copies of that book for adventurous munchkins.

Priceman zooms you around the world to pick up the ingredients she needs in order to make the apple pie. In fact, one of my favorite and quite handy facts from that book is that cinnamon comes from the Sri Lankin “native kurundu tree”. Good to know stuff! Oh, and the little girl makes her own sea salt. Maybe that’s where I first got the idea.

What about you, do you have favorite books on baking for kids? I’d love to know about them if you do…