Curb Appeal

Three French jacos (with a bit of  parmesan thrown in at the last minute)

Mixed: 2:15 pm

Molded: 3:35

Baked: 4:15

Gave one loaf to the folks in the house with the creek.

I wasn’t surprised when I asked my Smallest Assistant Giver who we should give our extra loaf of bread to–“to the people with the creek!” he said without hesitation. He almost screamed it, and his feet were already pointed in that direction. It’s as though he was just waiting for the question.

We set off around the corner, to the little stucco house that has not only a creek running through the front yard, but a bridge over the rushing water, and a swing dangling from their giant cedar to boot! My kinda place.

We amble by this house regularly. My son loves to stand on the curb, suck his thumb and just take it all in. I love the sound of the water, and there’s so much unusual plant material dotted about the small plot–I try to figure out what’s what; I’m particularly taken with this fun little purple flower that they have planted right by the street.

Anyway, this day of giving is a perfect example of how much we are affected by beauty. Even four-year-olds know this–they know a lot of things…

And behind the curb appeal we found another nice mom, and John Ronan got an invitation to walk across the bridge (!!!) and they even have a young boy who loves to chat about alligator lizards (one of my very favorite topics!) and … you know, it’s not just a house with a creek anymore. It’s faces–it’s real people who live and love, and who give to all of us neighborhood wanderers

another (needed) dose of beauty.