Sourdough for Debbie

Two round loaves of sourdough

Mixed: 10:15 pm

Molded 12:15 pm next day

Baked: 2:25 pm

Gave to Debbie, who lives in a little yellow house with green trim

What a fun day for baking. I was never pressed. I got to play trains and teach my four year old his third reading lesson. The sun shone. I weeded under the roses. Even hatched a new picture book idea…

But not everything went as planned. Ever since this post I’ve been trying to get a loaf of bread to the family with the triplets; they live just a block away. It seems each time I notice their van in the driveway I kick myself for the fact that I have no bread to give. And we are getting to know the exact sound of the doorknocker when it strikes the wood of their front door and no one is home. Today, John Ronan said, after thumping a few times on the thick wooden door, “Not home again!”

Nope. Not home again.

“Okay, where to now?” I ask.

John Ronan pointed across the street, to the cute yellow house with green trim.

“Can’t go there,” I said. “No cars… No one’s home.”

Just then a car pulled up. I smiled. It was a little Honda and the window was down–and the woman looked friendly. She pulled to the curb directly in front of us. I nudged John Ronan and he grabbed my hand as we crossed the street.

“Hi…” I started my spiel. “I’m a neighbor, and each time I bake I make an extra loaf to give away. It’s sourdough, and it’s warm.” I smile, and we chat for a while. Her name is Debbie and I tell her exactly what house we live in, and that I’ve been trying to get a loaf of bread to the triplets since some time in March.

“They’re at T-ball,” she says.

So, off we walk, back home, after a little more chatting about Bob, her next door neighbor who has the beautiful succulent garden. And I start contemplating my next plan of attack. I should have asked where T-ball practice is–or at least, since Debbie seemed to be up on the triplet’s schedule, when they get home from practice. I’m determined to get them a loaf–or three!

But today was Debbie’s day. And that makes three new neighbors I’ve now met on that block. Three more than I knew just a few months ago. I think this bread giving plan is working…