I’ve been wandering through a period of friendly baking/easy sharing. Last year at about this time I was recovering from a spate of struggles and barely making it through each day–so I’ve walked into this season of Autumn 2012, into the new school year and the changes that that brings, with careful steps.

Recent Realization: Unconsciously I’ve been a bit wimpy in my bread sharing. Lots of loaves for friends and neighbors. Some for those with new babies, some for those struggling with grief, but none where I’ve had to really stretch and open myself up to the uncomfortable.

So this is a way of telling myself that it’s okay to take some risks before this trend of friendly bread goes on much longer. Last fall is over; it is a brand new season, and today is wanting to reveal itself without my manipulating it. I sense God wanting to work and I don’t want to side step the many opportunities that may come my way.

So, to recap some sharing endeavors with friendlies this last week:

  • Gave yet another loaf of bread (this one with cheese!) to neighbors that we adore and don’t get to see often enough.
  • Shared bread with my parents, who live way too far from my brothers’ bakery to have the delicious daily fresh loaf that they’re used to.
  • Made muffins and rice crispy treats for the first grade class and the 7-year-old’s marshmallow party. (Happy birthday, John Ronan!!!!)

All very friendly. And so much fun. But I sense the season for stretching is here.

Cheer me on, will you?!