Bad News Flipped=Adventure

Two French boules

Mixed: 1:30 pm

Molded: 4:45 pm

Baked: 6 pm

Gave to: a neighbor who just returned from a long drive, and was hungry…

Speaking of long drives. It seems that’s all I did today. I had this wonderful idea of how the day might look, and feel, and be, but all my plans veered into the chauffeur lane. I worked hard not to think about all the creative things I was longing to do. I decided it was better to not think, so repeated “Lord have mercy” about a thousand and one times while in the car…

Not only did my day on a small scale get flipped upside town and turn into an adventure in the mundane, but I also received a blow of bad news while pouring through the morning mail. Some letters on pretty paper aren’t as lovely as they seem. Not sure I’m ready to share yet–the news is still a bit raw, but, somehow I was able to turn the bad news into thoughts of yet another new adventure. That’s my word for the day. Adventure.

The letter was open, and gripped in my hand. I’m sure my mouth dropped open, then… I headed straight for this prayer, and even laughed. Lord, lead me along this path–wherever it may go. Let me see each turn in the road, each flip upside down, as a new adventure. Save me from the path that I try so hard to plow on my own!

And why not? Letting God sit in the driver’s seat led me to France just two weeks ago! Who would’ve thunk?

By the way, the boules were awesome. Matched with some potato leek soup and giggling kids there’s not much bad news that can get me down right now. Bread–and faith–can do that…