Forgiveness Bread

Two loaves of no-knead sourdough

Mixed: 9:30 pm

Molded: 10:15 am next day

Baked: 12:45 pm

Gave to neighbor over the hedge

I knew when my young son was given the shiny yellow motorcycle, that he wouldn’t possess it for long. The railing on the balcony looked too enticing and I’d seen toy after toy, rock after rock, ball after ball zoom over barriers: hedges, fences, rock walls, anything that had another side.

He was not quite two, and he held the toy for maybe three seconds, then whiiiizzzz it went over the balcony of the giant cruise boat, into the super deep blue of the Pacific.

So yesterday I wasn’t surprised to find John Ronan throwing several of his beach toys over the ten foot hedge that borders our neighbors. Buckets, shovels (large shovels!), sifters, rakes… they all made their way up and over while I was cleaning indoors. Our neighbor doesn’t like this. Even if my son is cute, and willingly says he is sorry; this passion of his is getting old.

Since he was just a baby one of his favorite activities is seeing things destroyed or launched abroad. How many times have I built an amazing block tower or marble track to only appreciate it for a millisecond before it tumbles to the ground? I’m not always sure what to do with this love of his–we try to curtail the destructive part, but even when we play catch he prefers to whip the ball full speed off into the distance than to aim with accuracy at his fellow player.

My weekly beach days are not just to appreciate the beauty of the water and the feel of the sand on my feet, but to allow my little fellow to get in some good throwing time…

Anyway, I asked his help as I made the bread today–letting our future pitcher know that it’s time to do something constructive for our nice and patient neighbors… He sort of helped, but better than that he was more than willing to write a card, and come with me to deliver the bread. I quote-he dictated…

Dear Bob and Georgie:

I am sorry I threw the stuff. I hope you like the bread. I will not ever throw anything over the hedge again.