For Morgan

Some people officially live across the street, but they also feel like they’re one of your own. They pop in when they want. They sometimes are in their pj’s. Sometimes with big grins. Sometimes with frowns and tears. Sometimes they just plop down on your couch and start texting. They are always welcome to just open up the front door and not even knock…

Well, I’m missing one of those someones. She’s busy, and we don’t see her much, except when she’s driving away in that new/old Volvo she just bought. So I baked her an apple cake.

Love you, Morgan! Miss you…



12 little cheesy rolls

Mixed: 11:50 am

Molded: 1:40 pm (then retarded)

Baked: 3:45 pm

Split the booty with Miss Morgan

Morgan is the kind of neighbor everyone should have. She brings lively conversation to the table and a general happy silliness to the overall melee that is our home. She’s never a picky eater when we’re trying new foods, and she’s always up for adventure–a trip to the beach, a walk around the block to spy out the sunset, or a field trip to Yogurtland. She and my daughter love frozen sweet things. They’re always making popsicles with our very new and cool Zoku.

Anyway, Morgan also loves bread and is always sneaking a piece from the pile. She gets all silly when she smells that something is baking; she begs for bites, she negotiates, she’ll even eat it stale. For her birthday she chose a certain recipe from one of my bread books, so FINALLY (her birthday is in March and now it’s September) we spent the afternoon baking. We couldn’t do the original Italian recipe because I had absolutely no green olives in the house!!! How could I not have green olives? (You can tell I spent the day with teenagers!!!) Instead we made yummy rolls jam-packed with parmesan cheesy goodness.

It was great to have Morgan do all the work. She was my baker-in-training.

(But she’s going to have to get over not liking the gooey hands…)

She was especially good at spritzing water into the oven to make steam

And look at this end product? She’s a natural…

What about you? Are you hoping to learn some new tricks or trades this fall?


I’m considering a crash course in sewing

to go along with my baking.

I could sew colorful cloths to line my bread baskets!

Or not… 🙂