Sometimes, when a mama’s heart is breaking, and she’s trying everything she knows in order to make things right, other people reach out their hands in love.

I found this on my front doorstep.


I am thankful for friends who pray, who gather roses and guavas from their gardens, because they know love.


New Mom on the Block

Rosemary rolls. Yum!

Mixed: 8:30 am

Molded: 10 am

Baked: 11 am

So… It’s a new school year and things have changed at the Meyer house. Big kids are off at Providence Hall all day, which is different from last year. Last year I was doing algebra with my 8th grader, and history, and writing, and lots of other tasks to keep that young girl busy and learning.

This year is all about kindergarten. And suddenly, I’ve switched gears and we’re working on sharing, and reading, and making lower case g’s. We’re also trying to expand our network of little friends, and that means Park Day!

So off to the park we went. Each Tuesday many of the homeschoolers in our area converge on one park or another… And knowing that I needed to set an example and meet new friends, too, I tucked some rosemary rolls into a bag and buckled the little boy in.

But the rosemary rolls didn’t even make it over to the play set. We parked right next to old friends and that bread headed right through the open window onto the front seat. There’s nothing like a familiar face when you’re the new mom on the block.

And I did eventually meet a few new moms after sitting on my orange blanket for a while as I enjoyed the blessed gift of sun, fresh air and a boy who’d found new friends (who were all wielding imaginary swords, and commanding each other to fight this way and run that way!).

I’m hoping next Tuesday I’ll be brave enough to give bread to a new friend instead of an old one. Keep stretching, Miss Jane. It may tug just a little, but in the end it makes you that much more limber!