Last week.

Two loaves of Peter Reinhart’s Oreganato (from his Brother Juniper’s Bread Book)

Despite my struggles with new rye bread recipes, I am thankfully still in the mood to experiment. The weather is changing to cool–we even have had rain! When you live in Southern California long enough, you become a great cheerleader for rain clouds. I am cheering those clouds on by turning on my oven. Rain is the perfect time for baking–since while things are rising, or baking, you can sit in a chair and sip tea and read a book. All very perfect things to do when it’s raining.

Last week again.

So, anyway, I made two loaves of this very scrumptious bread infused with garlic, parsley and oregano. I will make it again, because (1) it was good, and (2) the oregano in my garden needs a forceful trimming to induce new fall growth, and using it in bread is just too fun. Nothing stops growing in this place.

Our chicken-owner friends, who live just around the corner, took on the tasting of Oreganato loaf number two. It really is important to have people in your life who will eat your experimental bread and not get mad at you when it’s bad. Thankfully, Mr. Reinhart’s recipes seem to be anything but icky. yum yum…

We gobbled up our own loaf, and with the few extra ends that remained, I cut them into cubes and made croutons. yum yum again!


What about you? Do you mind experimental bread? If you’re up for being a guinea pig, and live somewhat near me, send me a quick note, because as long as there are clouds and happy threats of rain, I’ll be baking and happy to share!