Giving–February Play by Play

Four loaves of French bread

Mixed: 8 pm

Molded: 10:30 pm

(Retarded overnight)

Baked: 7:30 am

Gave two to a family with a newborn, one to a super science teacher…

The morning started with baking. The French mix I made had too much moisture… The bread came out looking super yicky. I decided to give it away, anyway. Lent is a time for humility!

Contrast this to the bread my brothers are making in their new bakery in LA. Ooh, la la. That sourdough is beyond words…

Off to science class. Dropped my daughter off to learn about molecules. Then made my way down the road to deliver two loaves of the ugly French to a family with a brand new babe. The mama’s a redhead–and I’m partial to those whose recessive hair genes won out. They were having a bit of a rough morning, so I gave the bread, and a book, and off we sped.

To the playground!

And in the mix of the twenty or so children jumping, digging, swinging and begging for snacks, I spotted a busy redhead burning off her morning’s cinnamon toast. Look at her go!

Then I bought a donut for my traveling companion, and we talked about how to make chocolate machines for a while.

The donut gone–we strolled a while, then bumped into a crocodile.

(I wish–that’s right out of one of my favorite children’s books, Tumble Bumble.)

We picked up my daughter, where I learned that one of the molecule experiments got a little too lively. The teacher recommended bringing goggles next week. 🙂

And now I’m home, wanting to redeem myself and bake a loaf of beautiful bread.



7 thoughts on “Giving–February Play by Play

  1. Jane,

    I love this blog. It is so refreshing to get a glimpse of your life as baker-bread-donator, mom and adventurer. I only wish you were my neighbor. I was up all night with a sick Natalie. Do I qualify for a loaf?

    • Jenny–no qualifying allowed. No prerequisites for bread. A sick little girl tears at the heart and I’d gladly bake all day for you. Maybe we’ll just move to Hawaii.

      The one item we left when we evacuated from the fire last year that my husband regretted was his surfboard. He snuck back in to get it. I think he’d be up for a really long baking excursion to your stomping grounds! I’ll work on it 🙂

  2. I think your bread looks beautiful! I am not much of a bread baker; although, i wish I could get into the habit. I love the sights, smells and textures of fresh bread. I did bake a loaf tonight, but I cannot take credit for it because it was basically pre-made dough that I fancied up. But my husband loves it! So that is what really matters. Bread and soup- yum!

    You should share your favorite bread recipes- I’d love to learn some easy ones.

    • Yes, Michelle. I’m trying to make some of the bread recipes I’ve posted more visible… I’ve created a new tab at the top and will work on uploading some links there…

      Thanks for the gentle nudge!

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