Nicholas, Xenia, and Feeding the Mama

On the feast day of Saint Nicholas, I couldn’t find anything better to do than bake! I know, I could have been dusting, which is needed, or washing the windows, which is also needed, or pulling weeds along the back fence, which is desperately needed, but I baked instead.

Two loaves of Struan, two rings of rosemary rolls, and a pot of herbal tea. In between kneading, I read with my little one, and we worked on penmanship together, and colored in the Curious George coloring book.

And there was music class, and somehow we were able to run two errands and fit in a hike! Good grief, did I wake up at 4am? Some days just don’t get any better.

Anyway, at liturgy I toted in a big paper bag filled with bread. I knew Father Nicholas would be there, and that rosemary rolls would be perfect for his after-liturgy meal–it being his feast day and all! And then one loaf of Struan went to sweet Xenia and her spunky and beloved family, and the other loaf of Struan went to Elizabeth and her parents, who are expecting a new little girl in February. That mama is just beginning to sway a bit when she walks. Don’t you just love that? Really, when I looked around the church Monday night, I could have brought another half dozen loaves. There are new babies all around–and what a treasured time this is to have them all in church, chanting heavenly hymns in their own way…

So, all in all a very good giving day. God seems to be adding to my strength and I’m so thankful that I can be back in the saddle, feeling my old self. I’ll know I’m at full tilt when I dare to rise at 5:30am and do some real concentrated story writing once again, keeping Baker’s Hours.

More babies and families to feed. Bread in the oven as I write!



4 thoughts on “Nicholas, Xenia, and Feeding the Mama

  1. Such an inspirational sharing you has today. I very enjoy reading your posts. But today’s especially touched that secret place for me. The one that says get up and get motivated. Share with someone.
    May God grant you many years

  2. I am inspired by this post too, Jane. I am so grateful that you allow God to use you. I am encouraged by most of your posts! It also helps that I love to bake too! 🙂 It is just so therapeutic and calming to knead the dough, it helps me to be patient as it rises. As I work the dough I often think of how God is working with me. So much good can come from just one loaf of bread. Thank you! Lord have mercy.

  3. I took a deep breath, hoping that I could smell your bread since we live just a short ways away…and I think I did catch a little whiff. How lovely to be in a home with the constant (or at least frequent) aroma of fresh bread a-baking (some of last night’s 12 days of Christmas is still with me). I’m glad you’re feeling better, Jane. I love you!

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